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Are you looking to relax and rejuvenate your skin in the best environment you can ever imagine? Then our Beauty Frizz day spa in Bethesda is the right place for you. Whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or normal, we offer a selection of solutions that match your skin type to provide maximum results. We want everyone to leave our facility feeling happy and looking better than ever. Our elite spa in is open for everyone—women, men, teens. Enjoy our treatments for yourself, come with a special friend or give the gift of relaxation to someone important.


Our philosophy is to give you that special treatment that your face and skin deserve. Select your choice treatment from our menu, and your assigned esthetician will tailor your chosen ingredients to match your skin type. Unsure of what treatment to choose? No worries; our elite spa in Bethesda has professional, friendly estheticians who will choose the perfect custom facials that provide you with the perfect remedy.
Our custom facials are also engineered to address a variety of your needs, ranging from premature aging and environmental damage, acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. During the whole procedure, you can always relate to our friendly professionals about how you feel about the process and ask her any question you may have.

WHY Beauty Frizz?

Here are the reasons you should trust our supreme elite spa:

Natural Ingredients and Products
We use, exclusively, highest, quality products that keep the skin healthy, bright, and luminous. Our formulas contain NO parabens, chemical preservatives, chemical emulsifiers, artificial colors, and fragrance. We make use of natural, premium ingredients to cater for your skin, which will make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

Professional Hands
All our estheticians have mastered the art of extractions! Our experienced estheticians can help you achieve long-lasting results by first assessing your skin’s current condition before tailoring a suitable treatment plan that matches your skin. Our experts will ensure you get the best skin treatment easily.


We help both women and men in their mid-30s to late 80s get a non-surgical facelift that gives immediate, visible results, which tightens and firms the face and neck, plump up deep lines and wrinkles, and restore the glow of a younger-looking skin. We assist male and female teens and young adults maintain healthy skin and prevent future skin care concerns that may appear (like lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and loss of firmness). The treatment keeps their skin firmer, healthier, and more resilient to toxic effects of intrinsic aging. Also, we have some clients suffering from skin blemishes. Our custom facials help to clear up acne, get rid of blackheads, and make dull skins look brighter. And lastly, we have some clients that want to relax and be pampered. Our “feel good” experts know the best way to make your body and soul to be free from the daily struggles.

 Special offer for new clients- get a facial / anti aging treatment for $129

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Our SPECIAL offer
For new clients

Get any treatment you choose from our menu for only $129

Want to learn more about our treatments? Have a question? Want to schedule an appointment for a treatment or get a FREE consultation?

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