A good daily skin care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy looking, fresh skin, but every once in a while, you should leave it to the professionals.
Facials are not just a frivolous way to pamper your skin. All facials, no matter the type, have some amazing benefits for your skin:

Deep Cleansing

Facial treatment helps the skin get rid of oil buildup, toxins and dirt from your everyday environment, thoroughly removing all the bacteria that could cause skin issues.
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and unclog the pores, allowing the absorption of other products. 
Extraction helps clear any pores that are clogged with excess oil or dead skin cells, removes blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and prevents breakouts.  


Facial treatments can help slow down the aging process and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Massaging the face stimulates the skin and facial muscles, it immediately increases the blood circulation and oxygen flow, which promotes collagen production and enhances the elasticity of the skin. This leads to a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and preventing their appearance.


This is a good opportunity to have some time to pamper yourself in a peaceful environment. The face muscles need a massage. It definitely helps relax, relieves stress, cleans the mind and uplifts the spirit. The boost in circulation stimulates the lymphatic vessels and makes it look healthy and youthful.

Skin Rejuvenation

Peeling, extraction, massage and product application during facial treatment lead to skin rejuvenation. It improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy glow, radiant and balanced skin. It will not be immediatly but when you consistent with the treatments, your skin will be restored and you will get a fresh, renewed skin.

In addition to those benefits, different facials treat and heal a variety of skin issues like pimples, sunspots and sun damage, acne, inflammation and redness, rosacea, dehydration, wrinkles, acne scarring, loss of firmness and elasticity.

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How often do you need facials?

The popular recommendation is to get one once a month or every 6 weeks but it is always better to consult an esthetician regarding the frequency of your facial routines.
Based on your skin type, the condition of your skin and your skin care goal the esthetician will tailor the best skin care routine for you.
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